Granny Flat Agreement Sample

Granny Flat Agreement Sample

If you`re considering building a granny flat on your property or renting one out, it`s important to have a formal agreement in place to protect your interests and ensure clear communication with the other party. A granny flat agreement sample can help you get started.

First, let`s define what a granny flat is. It`s a self-contained dwelling unit that`s typically smaller than your main house and located on the same property. Granny flats are popular as a way to provide affordable housing for family members, to rent out for extra income, or to use as a home office or studio.

When drafting a granny flat agreement, there are several key points to cover:

– Rent: The agreement should specify the amount of rent to be paid, when it`s due, and how it will be paid (e.g. bank transfer, cash, etc.).

– Utilities: Will the tenant be responsible for paying their own utilities, or will they be included in the rent? Make sure this is clear in the agreement.

– Duration: The agreement should state the length of the lease (e.g. one year, month-to-month, etc.) and any notice requirements for termination.

– Maintenance and repairs: Who is responsible for maintaining and repairing the granny flat? Will the tenant be responsible for minor repairs, or will they need to contact you for all issues? This should be spelled out in the agreement.

– Access: The agreement should specify when and how the tenant can access the granny flat, and whether they need to give you notice before doing so.

– Rules and regulations: You may want to include certain rules and regulations in the agreement, such as no smoking or pets allowed on the property. Make sure these are clearly stated and agreed upon by both parties.

– Security deposit: You may want to require a security deposit to cover any damage or unpaid rent. The agreement should specify the amount of the deposit and any conditions for returning it at the end of the lease.

There are many resources online for finding a granny flat agreement sample to use as a starting point. However, it`s important to tailor the agreement to your specific situation and needs. If you`re not comfortable drafting the agreement yourself, consider hiring a lawyer with experience in real estate law to help you.

Having a formal agreement in place can help prevent misunderstandings and disputes down the line, so it`s worth taking the time to create one. By being clear about your expectations and requirements, you can ensure a positive experience for both you and your tenant.

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