Regina Fire Collective Agreement

Regina Fire Collective Agreement

The Regina Fire Collective Agreement: Understanding the Details

Working as a firefighter is undoubtedly one of the most challenging and demanding professions in the world. It requires excellent physical and mental strength, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to public safety. However, being a firefighter also comes with a great deal of responsibility, including adhering to a collective agreement.

In Regina, Saskatchewan, like in many other Canadian cities, firefighters are governed by a collective agreement that outlines their rights, responsibilities, and obligations. The Regina Fire Collective Agreement is a legally binding contract between the Regina Firefighters Association and the City of Regina, setting the terms and conditions of employment for all Regina firefighters.

So, if you`re a firefighter in Regina or considering pursuing a career in firefighting in the city, it`s crucial to understand the details of the collective agreement. Here are some essential facts you should know.

Collective Agreement Highlights

The Regina Fire Collective Agreement outlines various details regarding the pay and benefits earned by firefighters. Here are some of the primary highlights:

Salary: Regina firefighters are paid based on a salary scale that reflects their experience and rank. The starting salary for a probationary firefighter is $57,843, while an experienced captain earns a maximum salary of $117,215.

Benefits: In addition to salary, firefighters in Regina are entitled to various benefits, including a pension plan, health and dental benefits, life insurance, and disability insurance.

Vacation: Firefighters are entitled to between 20 and 30 days off, depending on their years of service.

Leave: Firefighters are entitled to several types of leave, including sick leave, bereavement leave, and parental leave.

Working Conditions

The Regina Firefighters Association and the City of Regina have agreed to several working conditions that firefighters must adhere to. Some of the working conditions include:

Shifts: Firefighters in Regina work on a rotating schedule, where they work for 24 hours and then have 48 hours off.

Overtime: Firefighters are entitled to paid overtime when they work beyond their regular work hours.

Protections: The collective agreement outlines several protections for firefighters, including protection against discrimination, harassment, and abuse.

Disciplinary Procedures

Like any other profession, firefighters in Regina are also subject to disciplinary action when they violate any of the terms of the collective agreement. The agreement outlines a clear disciplinary process that includes investigations, hearings, and appeals.

Understanding the Regina Fire Collective Agreement is crucial for any firefighter in the city. It not only provides information about pay, benefits, and working conditions but also outlines the expectations for conduct and disciplinary procedures. If you`re a Regina firefighter, it`s important to read and understand the collective agreement.

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